Friday, March 7, 2008

What Does Extraordinary Health Look Like?

Extraordinary health is what everyone wants and only a few people actually achieve. Hear is what it looks like. You wake up a few minutes prior to your alarm going off, well rested, happy, and ready to have a purposeful day. You meditate or do light exercise like yoga for 15-30 minutes, say a affirmation and read your goals. Then you eat a generous breakfast of living organic foods. On your way to work you listen to empowering purposeful cd's. When you get to the job of your dreams everyone is happy, healthy, and supportive. The work day always goes very fast because it is so much fun. You drink plenty of water at work and when it is time for lunch you go outside to get fresh air as you eat your healthy organic lunch that you packed. the rest of the day is productive and fun. On your way home you stop at the gy for an hour of intense exercise that energizes you even more. The evening is filled with reading your favorite books and conversation with neighbors or friends and family. You go to bed at a reasonable time after reading your goals and plan to have a great day tommorrow.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Make Your Health Extraordinary

The definition of ordinary health is that it occurs on it's own. Average health might look like this: wake up to the alarm, hit the snooze 2-10 times depending how late you stayed up watching TV. Then rush through the bathroom in order to get a 42 oz. cup of your favorite coffee on your way to work. Sitting in traffic because you slept in, you begin to get stressed. At work you punch in and sit down to piles of paperwork. Unfullfilled, you begin to daydream of the good old days and fatigue already sets in because besides the coffee for breakfast, you only had time to scarf down a donught. You begin to go to the break room to fill up you mega 42 oz. coffee mug. Now you are revived for another hour or so. Now it is time for your lunch break. There are plenty of fast food choices for 5$-8$ so you get the biggest bang for your dollar, a $4.99 Happy Meal. A half hour after lunch the carb crash hits and you head for the break room for one more refill of your mega 42 oz. mug of coffee. Then a few more boreing hours of pushing papers and you get to go home. Once home, you are tired from the empty calories from the day so you nestle down on the couch to see whats on tv. You order a pizza, eat that and then fall asleep on the couch from another carb crash that you don't wake up until you hear the alarm go off and begin the next day by hitting the snooze 2-10 time.

This goes on for months or years then you start to develope headaches, back pain, and digestive problems. You then begin to take medication for all of your aches and pains and you body continues down the spiral from ordinary health towards disease and farther and farther away from Extraordinary health.

Tomorrow I will write what Extraordinary health looks like and how to achieve it if you don't have it already.